Summer Weddings: Tips for Keeping Cool

Spring is here (yay!), meaning it’s prime time to get prepared for your summer wedding - and we reckon it’s going to be a hot one. We’ve got a few tips for your mid-summer wedding day - to keep you and your guests comfortable day long. 

1. Sunscreen

This one’s first because it’s the most important - New Zealand’s scorching summer sun is relentless! Have sunscreen available for your guests, and prepare your skin for the day. If you’re unsure as the bride, talk to your makeup artist - sunscreen can make your face shiny in photos, so they’ll let you know the best options. 

2. Water

Keep the cold fluids flowing all day long, with water always available for you and your guests (ice cold beers will likely be welcomed with very open arms too!). A reminder to stay hydrated - it’s easy to forget amongst the chaos of the day, but dehydration can be ruthless, so keep sipping.


3. Food

Think about your canapes and food options - on a hot day, there’s nothing worse than a hot, heavy meal to weigh you down! Opt for lighter meal choices and pick seasonal produce - your caterers will likely have incredible, season-appropriate meal ideas. You could even opt for some light sweet treats like iceblocks, or slushies for the kids (and grown-up kids). 

4. Seating

Don’t go for metal seats - that’s just cruel! Cushioned white seats for the ceremony are a great choice (your guests’ bums will thank you).

5. Suits

Wool is not forgiving in summer - nor is a full three-piece suit in 30 degree heat! If it’s likely to be a real scorcher of a day, maybe jackets and waistcoats aren’t the best options. A tidy long sleeve shirt and suspenders, a tie or a bowtie can look great, and a perfect fit for a summer wedding. 

6. Shade

For both you and your guests - the hot afternoon sun can be intense at the height of summer, so it’s worth thinking about ways to keep the sun off your skin, especially during photos and canapés. Sun umbrellas at the ready are a gorgeous classy way to keep cool. Think about what way the guests will be facing during the ceremony too - a full-face of sun isn’t pleasant for a half hour. 

7. Just in case

You never know what summer might throw at you. Have a back-up for the ceremony if you’re planning on being outdoors - unexpected patches of rain or too much wind could call for an indoor or more sheltered option.


Brought to you by our wonderful blogger in chief, Deanna Walker.

Deanna Walker