How to nail the mismatched dress look


  1. Choose your connection. Whether it’s a base colour, a cut, neckline, fabric choice, or designer there needs to be something to create a sense of cohesion and unity. For example, you might choose blush tones of pink for the dresses - but each might vary ever so slightly in the exact shade, and you might opt for different necklines. 

  2. Incorporate matching accessories. Pair the varied dresses with an element (or three) that match across your group, like shoes, jewellery and bouquets. Consider hair and makeup here too, as matching lippy colours or updos will also create a sense of consistency. 

  3. At the end of the day, it’s up to you. Let your girls know exactly the look you’re after. If you’re not too worried, you could give them an image of the neckline they need and give them free reign, or similarly you could give them a colour swatch to match too. Otherwise, you could chat to a designer or store and make arrangements for the girls to wear the same dress, but choose their own details (like colour or cut) in store, to ensure consistency. 

  4. Pinterest is your friend. Use the wonderful world of the internet - you’ll find so much inspiration, and if your bridesmaids live overseas, it’s a fantastic way to share your vision with them! Create a collaborative board and share ideas. 

  5. Think about the suits, too. These could follow along the same lines - similarly, select a colour palette, opt for the same cut or fabric, but give each suit a slightly different quality, whether it’s a subtle shift in tone or cut. The fit of suits makes a world of difference in the photos (and comfort!) so getting a jacket or pants that fit are perfectly tailored to the man in question is a must. 


Nail the mismatched look and you’ll be in love with your photos - keep in mind that it does lend itself to a more casual aesthetic overall, but it also gives so much room to add personality to your bridal party’s outfits! Have fun, and be playful and creative with your ideas. 

This post was brought to you by our wonderful blogger in chief, Deanna Walker.