Seven ways to bring florals into your day

Florals by  Posybloom Boutique , Image by Katie O’Niell

Florals by Posybloom Boutique, Image by Katie O’Niell

Really, though - who doesn’t love flowers? 

I’m a self-confessed floral addict - nothing quite brings me as much joy a glorious fresh bouquet of flowers, and I could happily decorate every single surface of my house with floral patterns and textures. It’s no surprise that flowers and weddings go hand-in-hand, from table settings to bouquets, and even (if you’re feeling a little bit extra) an epic full-wall flower backdrop - and the inclusion of flowers in weddings has been around since Ancient Rome. 

So, if you’re slightly obsessed with flowers like me (and slightly is an understatement), we’ve compiled a list of ways you can incorporate blooms into your wedding day in some classic, and some slightly unexpected, ways.


Starting with the big one here - bouquets are the most common place you’ll see flowers at a wedding. There are endless options, and our best advice is to talk to a florist. They are the perfect place to show off your colour scheme, and also give your bridesmaids something to hold as they walk down the aisle. 

Florals by  PosyBloom Boutique , Image by Candy Capco.

Florals by PosyBloom Boutique, Image by Candy Capco.

Florals by  PosyBloom Boutique .

Florals by PosyBloom Boutique.

Styling by   Mavis & Foxe

Styling by Mavis & Foxe


We are in love with the floral trends in table settings at the moment, using pops of colour and combining textures for maximum effect. Check out these gorgeous creations styled Mavis & Foxe - loving the colour combos and the organic textures throughout! You could also bring the floral theme through into your place settings or table covers.


Trending at the moment (and for good reason!) are flower walls and arches, as a backdrop to the ceremony or as a feature in the reception space. These are statement pieces and can be pretty epic - when they’re done right!


Think floral patterned dresses, unique floral suits, or if you’re wanting something a bit more subtle, a pop of floral fabric in ties.



From floral icing to cakes covered in blooms and greenery, flowers are everywhere! This can also form a great sense of cohesion between your cake and table settings in your reception setup. 


Using flowers in your updo can also be a beautiful touch (although keep in mind they can wilt quite quickly on a hot day - have a chat to your hair stylist for their recommendations.

Flowers by   Good Seed Floral   (USA)

Flowers by Good Seed Floral (USA)


Get creative with your decor - there are plenty of spots outside of the table settings that could use a bit of floral love! Wall hangings and floral chandeliers add to the atmosphere and can make your reception setup stand out.

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