Wedding Invitation inspiration

Today, we’re breaking down a checklist of what to include on your wedding invitations with a handy, step-by-step guide (and a wee bit of visual inspiration to get you started!). Wedding invites tend to feel like a big step in your wedding planning - you’ve set the date, you’ve booked the venue, and you’ve narrowed down the guest list. It’s official - it’s happening!

First up, you might wish to have a few elements to your printed invites - perhaps there’s too much information to fit onto one card. You could include a separate smaller piece, which includes details like transport, accommodation and the like. It’s all information your guests will want to know - so however you decide to present it, here are the key elements you’ll need (to avoid answering the same question over and over again the week before!

  1. Your full names (okay, this is an obvious one - but imagine if you forgot!). 

  2. Your parents’ names (optional)

  3. The word ‘wedding’ - yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but we’ve popped it here just in case.

  4. Details of the ceremony, including location and start time

  5. Details of the ceremony, including location and start time

  6. Details of the transport to the venue, if needed, and in between the ceremony and reception

  7. The dress code

  8. An RSVP date, and details about how to RSVP (whether you’re including a separate RSVP card, or you have a wedding email address. Let them know if you need any information with their RSVP, like dietary requirements). If you’ve opted for an online invite instead, you can always include additional information like links to accommodation, a map, or a form to fill out dietary needs. 

  9. Gift, registry, honeymoon fund or charity details - let your guests know what you’d prefer.

We’ve gathered a few gorgeous examples as inspiration - so if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a scroll through these beautiful designs.

Brought to you by our wonderful blogger in chief, Deanna Walker.

Deanna Walker