Getting to know: The Amazing Travelling Photobooth


Our fridge is covered in photobooth moments - from weddings and birthdays, to festivals and work events. There’s something so gorgeous about the little take-home mementos - because at the end of the day, all you are left with is the memories of the occasion; and of course, the photos! It’s an opportunity for you and your guests to have fun, connect and make memories - and it’s the perfect personal collectable. 

We had a chat to Dion from The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, to find out a bit more about the team behind the machine - and hopefully give you a few tips when it comes to booking a photobooth for your big day.


Can you tell us a bit about The Amazing Travelling Photobooth - where did it all begin?

We started nearly ten years ago, when I realised that I wasn't really that in to wedding photography, after discovering it was so much time on a computer!! I was inspired by the photograph my Dad kept in his wallet, of Mum and Dad from an original chemical photobooth at the Wellington Railway Station. The shift from film to digital was just taking off. We tried to have a photobooth designed and ready for our own wedding. It wasn't :( That just meant we could design and build something that was amazing enough for other people’s weddings. And we did! To begin with, we were putting booths all over the country! Lately, things have changed again, there is much more competition, but also, many low quality booths out there. We have begun focusing on having a range of different styles of booth that suit different tastes and situations. There are even international photobooth conventions, and our team have attended them in California and Australia. This gives us a feel for what is coming up, what is solid, and what is a gimmick. As long as people come together to celebrate love and family, photo booths are here to stay.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

We are generally one of the last things people will book when planning a wedding, but what we love, is that their photo is the first and last thing guests remember. Our different photobooths all do one thing really, really well; create the space for people to come together and have their joy documented. We love coming up with new ways to keep that happening.

Top three reasons to have a photobooth at your wedding?

You want to entertain your guests. You want your guests to remember your wedding. And you'll probably want to remember who your guests were, too. In summary, you'll love having some hard evidence that an incredible time was had by all the loved ones that you invited, and who came together, from near and far, for your big flippin day!

What are some things to take into consideration when booking a photobooth?

Looks are the most important thing! Chances are, the first thing you noticed about your beloved, is how they looked - let's face it. And if, you love them for their 'personality' we're pretty certain you will at least make sure they are scrubbed up for their big day. Our booths scrub up well too, because we've designed them to be at special occasions - like your wedding! 

After that, service and professionalism is the most important thing. Have you booked a weekend warrior, or someone who loves and knows what they are doing?

We have booths that can work in virtually any space, and we can recommend a range of ways to make different timings work and situations work. It's not about how much time, but how effective it will be, and we love to figure that out with people, so that they have the best booth experience - whether it's in our caravan, enclosed in the curtain, or a range of backdrops.


Words of advice for a couple planning their wedding?

Your wedding is a very important day, but it is not the most important day of your life... so figure out how to relax.

What are the most creative forms of entertainment you’ve seen at weddings?

Welllll, we're gonna say, photobooths....but they have come a long way since we started, so we do love it when people incorporate design elements of their wedding into the photo capturing situation - whether it's a custom album, or an amazing background that they have designed and constructed with, for instance, a florist. Since we are there long after the wedding planner has left, and the flowers are beginning to droop, we see all that goes on in that part of the wedding that everyone loves, when it kicks off after dinner, and honestly, you can't beat a good band or DJ who knows how to serve a crowd. We have noticed that they ingredients of a great wedding are pretty simple - food, drink, music, look after your guests, maybe a little frous frous from the decoration department, but the magic is in the people! Look after the people, and your wedding will be off the hook!

What question does everyone ask?

The question all guests ask, is: "Do the couple get the digital files?"....ahhh, yes, so best to keep your clothes on!

Thanks again Dion and The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, for taking the time to answer our questions!

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Deanna Walker