Popular in 2019/2020


Winter is here (sorry if that brings up any unpleasant Game of Thrones memories to any unhappy fans) - but if you’re getting hitched in 2019/2020 Summer, this is the perfect time to be figuring out the details for your wedding day.

We’ve put our prediction-hats on, done a serious amount of research, and compiled our list of upcoming wedding trends for a wee bit of inspo. Remember - there are no rules when it comes to planning your perfect day!


When it came to table settings and styling, last year saw minimal, natural textures with organic colour palettes - this year embraces a similar approach, but working more with layering different textures and materials to create a real buffet for the eyes! Linen is still going strong, thanks to its carefree and natural feel, but there’s even a return of the luxurious velvet - what says romance more that deep, lush velvet textures? We’re also seeing more bold colour palettes - particularly with gorgeous, rich rusty reds, burnt orange, in place of the popular soft pink tones.


The way you choose to light a space has a massive effect on both the ambience for you and your guests, as well as how your photographer captures the scene. Think about new, fresh ways to create light in your space, or indeed make light a feature in itself. Warm ambient light lends well to photos - many couples are opting for gold light, instead of the brightly coloured dance floor lights. We’re sensing lots of elegant, romantic light in the night settings, to keep the feeling soft and homely - candles, fairy lights, hanging industrial light bulbs, to name a few.

Image by    Jenny Siaosi

Image by Jenny Siaosi


There’s a huge focus on choosing a dress that’s comfortable to move, sit and dance in, meaning less long trains and petticoats, and a real feeling of minimalism in wedding dress choices (undoubtedly a wee bit inspired by Megan Markle’s wedding dress). There’s more effort going into the intricate details, rather thna making it too elaborate. And speaking of practical wedding dresses - what could possibly be better than a dress with pockets?!


We’re seeing more bridal parties opting for white or light coloured dresses, and we think it looks drop-dead gorgeous. Spice it up with touches of colour in the shoes, delicate accessories, or bring your colour palette into your photos by carefully crafting a bouquet to compliment the setting. Play with patterns and textures, from florals to geometrics. We’re also seeing more mismatched dresses in bridal parties - a huge benefit here is that you can choose a dress flatter your body shape, and pick something that you’ll wear again!


It’s no longer just black or dark blue for the guys - like the bridesmaids, there’ll be more mismatched combinations and bold patterns in the groomsmen’s suits. We’re also seeing all sorts of textures, from tweed to velvet. No wrong answer - and again, they should be tailored to suit each individual’s body type.



This year is less about big, intense floral arrangements and bouquets, and instead about slightly wild arrangements on a smaller, tidy scale. The colour palette of bold oranges and reds stay strong here, combined with neutral tones to really make the colour pop.

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