The Kapiti Coast - Perfect for an engagement session

40mm, minimal style photo of couple embracing, as dog watches on. Engagement session on beach in Kapiti, NZ. Photography by Jenny Siaosi.  

A wonderfully relaxed engagement session with the Kapiti Coast of course providing the perfect back drop.

There are many decent reasons why having a pre-wedding photo shoot is not just a good idea, but a great one! Read below if you think you need more convincing...

And of course why wouldn't you choose the Kapiti Coast as the perfect location. These images were made on an idyllic day for the beach, but the coast can be just as magical during crazy weather too!



Did that get those inspiration juices flowing?

This session was last December in and around Peka Peka, before Andrew and Abby were married at The Milk Station in March.

It's a really great idea to have a little relaxed photo session if you can manage it before the actual wedding, especially if having your photo taken isn't one of your favourite things to do. You'll realise that's it's not even that bad, and can be kinda fun. It'll put you more at ease and take away some of those nerves you may be about to experience on the actual day you celebrate doing the deed, which in turn also makes you feel more relaxed and natural in your wedding day photographs.

It's a good way to get to know your photographer a little better, if you don't already, and you can choose the time of day and exact locations with out the restraints of a wedding day timeline. Evenings and beaches go really well together by the way!

Not only that, you can choose to use the images creatively for save-the-date cards, electronic invitations, or any of the stationery you'll be having such as a guest book.

Food for thought in any case.

Thanks to Siaosi Photography, and Abby and Andrew for sharing.


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