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Wedding Ceremony on Kapiti Coast - Siaosi photography

If you're looking for THE photographer, here's a no frills post for you.

It's not necessarily the easiest task, it's time consuming trawling through tuns of websites, but choosing an awesome wedding photographer doesn't have to be complicated, at all!

Firstly, have a think about how important your wedding photographs are (and are going to be) to you, it may be that it's not such a big deal, which is sweet, but figure that out first. Let's face it, just about anyone can take a fairly decent picture, technology has come a long way, and most people have access to it. Actually everyone.

Having said that it's the skilled photographer with great experience, passionate about photographing people, who can capture all the irreplaceable moments and the interactions between people, consistently through out the day. Later down the track, the photos will re-jig your memories, and you can share those crazy, funny and heart-wrenching stories to others.

Kapiti wedding photographers - Patina photo


Like we said, trawling through tuns of websites isn't easy, it may seem that the images start to all blend into same-same land. BUT. Most professional photographers would argue that finding the style of photography you love is the first step to choosing the right one for you. If the photographer has a style, you'll recognise that straight away.


Consider this: Do the images/ galleries you are looking through have any style to start with? Do they speak to you and move you, make you smile, tell you stories? Is the style consistent? Do you have to ask the photographer to describe their style? If you do, there is probably an issue... It should jump out and grab you, make your heart sing!



Patient, good communicator, friendly, are all traits that come to mind... but it's not quite that simple is it? It's should be more about how you get along with your photographer. Especially with weddings, the photographer is intimately involved with most aspects of the day, the more at ease you are, the more natural, real and meaningful your images will be. Find someone who's generally great at making you feel relaxed.


Of course budget is a massive consideration. The balance between how important your photos are, how precious they will become and how much you are able to invest? What a nightmare!

Our advice is don't get bogged down counting the bells and whistles in the range of different packages on offer. The value will always be in the photographs themselves. They will last forever and beyond, and will become more precious as time moves on.  They don't break down or need to be up-graded. Ever. They just are.

Great wedding photographers will make numerous priceless images through out the day, and I'm not just talking about you, the main attraction. I'm also talking about the people who are nearest and dearest to you, and how the little people who are yet to be even a twinkle in the eye, will enjoy the stories told through the help of those images.

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