Amazing Wedding Celebrant in Kapiti gives you her top tips for a fabulous ceremony


Friendly relaxed wedding celebrant tips for a fabulous ceremony.

Wedding celebrant tips for creating a fabulous ceremony

Andrea Buckland has got to be just about the most relaxed and friendly wedding celebrant on the Kapiti Coast that I know. I've seen her in action many times. She also knows exactly what she's doing, so I asked her to help enlighten us on the simple things you can do to create a fabulous wedding ceremony. It's really quite simple... Here are her wedding celebrant tips.


INCLUDE PERSONAL DETAILS It really makes for an interesting, memorable ceremony that reflects your personalities.

MAKE SURE YOUR GUESTS CAN HEAR It’s just not the same if you’re watching a mime show!  Microphones mean everyone can hear and be part of the moment.

HAVE A REHEARSAL No ad-libbing vows, no forgotten rings, just an easy, smooth ceremony where everyone knows what to do and when. Helps reduce some of those nerves. No, really.


Fatima and Julian Savea, Bride and Groom wlak down aisle as newly weds


FIND A CELEBRANT YOU 'CLICK' WITH You will be more relaxed and they will reflect your style. 

BE ON TIME - OR AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE Anything over half an hour is just cruel! 


Friendly relaxed wedding celebrant from Kapiti in action.


TRY YOUR MUSIC OUT AT THE REHEARSAL Check formats, devices are charged, timing, and who is operating it.

DELEGATE The day you get married is not the day to test your multi-tasking skills. Other people are able to and want to help, so let them!

HAVE A CEREMONY AT LEAST 20 MINS LONG It may sound like a long time, but it will go by in a flash. It’s the whole reason for your celebrations, so make the most of it.

APPLY FOR THAT MARRIAGE LICENSE IN GOOD TIME It’s valid for 3 months, so do it early then it’s off your to-do list.


Black and White of Bride and Groom embracing, and veil blowing in the wind.


RELAX AND ENJOY! Remember why you are all there... If the nerves or pressure of any kind start to build up just focus on each other and know your guests are there for you, not for the perfect show. 


Fatima and Julian Savea, Bride and Groom cuddles in the woods. Photo by Sarah McEvoy


And there you have it, it's not too hard... Wise words from the relaxed, and super friendly Kapiti wedding celebrant, Andrea Buckland. Thanks Andrea!