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You might be thinking that your Spotify playlist of Party Anthems might be all you need for entertainment at your wedding reception - but think again! Entertainment on the night is pivotal in making your event enjoyable - both for your guests, and for yourself. We spoke to Dean from The Wedding Crashers - their team are absolute professionals when it comes to keeping the party going with slick DJ entertainment and production.

“Bands are cool, but the advantage of a DJ is that the range of music is much wider than a 'set list' of a dozen or so songs. Also, a professional wedding DJ will set up the equipment BEFORE the guests arrive, and provide music and sound support for the reception, speeches and dinner too. Your DJ will often provide sound support and a lapel mic for the ceremony as well - absolutely essential if you plan to have your ceremony in an outdoor location. Tasteful music throughout the day can transform a wedding into an all-day party!”

We decided to pick Dean’s brain for a few key tips and tricks for hiring wedding entertainment!




You’re reading this post, so you’re taking the first step here! “Do your research on wedding convention and plan your wedding so it 'flows' nicely - an under-planned wedding can 'lose shape' and the guests tend to drift off or miss out on the key moments.”


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We’ve all seen it - cringeworthy speeches and inappropriate jokes. Dean’s advice? “Choose your wedding MC carefully! The MC is an often-overlooked, but incredibly important role and can make or break a wedding (we've seen both happen!). A good MC doesn't need to be a stand-up comedian, in fact the best MC's are often very dry. The main role is to introduce the speakers, make announcements and just keep the event going. Avoid the use of Google wedding jokes too - tacky.”


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“Book a professional for your entertainment needs - a laptop or Spotify playlist just doesn't cut it! A machine is not an entertainer and it is a major opportunity lost,” says Dean. “Make sure your entertainer option comes with the microphones, the facility for sound support for the ceremony (often in a separate location) and lighting too - it makes all the difference.”

We can’t emphasise enough how much stress and time can be saved by booking professionals! The team at The Wedding Crashers make weddings as stress-free as possible. “Planning your wedding entertainment should be as much fun as actually being there (we believe) so we have a relaxed and fun approach to planning that side of things. We also have some great resources such as our Client Care Package - a 12-page PDF editable planning document, professional run-sheet templates, and other great resources to engage our couples and make it easy. We love to share our experience with our couples and we have TONS of tips and tricks so our couples can get the most out of their wedding.”



When it comes to speaking to DJs or entertainment providers before booking, Dean recommends asking  as many questions as possible! “Engage with your DJ choice and challenge them to come up with a party package that suits your needs - the more you can interact with your DJ before the day, the better the rapport you'll have with your DJ and the better they can provide a solution and party vibe that is tailored to you.”


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So, why should you consider hiring The Wedding Crashers for your wedding? After nine years of experience entertaining wedding parties, these guys have come a long way - and people just love them!


“...Over the years of doing Kiwi weddings we've tightened up the show so we can anticipate the needs of our couples, deliver a great show that never fails to get your guests on their feet and onto the dance floor. The music, sound & lighting equipment and personality of our team all adds together to make an irresistible party flavour and makes an incredibly fun and memorable night. Catch it all on video now too for posterity's sake and to share with those loved-ones you couldn't be there in person.”


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