A reminder to de -stress


To all of you soon-to-be brides who are spending hours upon hours planning, stressing and frantically organising - this one’s for you.

Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming experience for many, simply from the sheer multitude of tasks that need doing, as well as the financial strain, visiting family, communication with all the suppliers and, not to mention, the search for the perfect dress. This is your reminder to breathe - to take a calming, steadying breath, take a break, and de-stress, to make sure you feel your best on your wedding day, rather than arriving frazzled after many months of frantic planning.


Step one? Delegate! It can be so tempting to take everything on yourself, but your fiancé, friends and family will almost certainly step up and give a helping hand if you ask for it. Delegate some of the smaller yet more time-consuming tasks to your bridesmaids, or if one of them has a passion for wedding planning, let them take over for a wee bit!


What could be better than a day full of massages and beauty treatments? Take your girls, or just take yourself, and spend some time getting pampered! Buy yourself something special for the day; finding a perfume you love can be a great way to treat yourself, and the scent will forever remind you of the day you tied the knot. How sweet!

Bridal perfume bottle

Bridal perfume bottle


Dinner dates and movie nights shouldn’t be pushed aside for wedding planning! It’s so important to spend plenty of quality time with your groom-to-be in the lead-up to your wedding day - don’t let the stress of planning get in the way of your relationship. Take a night to yourselves - no wedding planning allowed!

Exchanging wedding rings

Exchanging wedding rings


This one will not only benefit your physical health, but your mental health too. Take time to get amongst nature, exercise, and get into a routine of healthy eating. Calm down on the coffee (nothing amps up the pre-wedding jitters like a cup of pure caffeine!) and opt for soothing teas instead.

The most important thing? Take care of yourselves, remember the reasons you're getting married and why you love each other, and enjoy every moment together!