Bride and Groom on beach in Whanganui


Moody, surreal skies and a perfectly dramatic sea breeze - these images by Patina Photography capture everything there is to love about a Winter Wedding in New Zealand, captured in Whanganui.

As we move into the cooler, more windswept months, it’s easy to become disheartened by the change in seasons, especially when you’re planning your big day. But, lucky for us, New Zealand’s landscapes make the most of the elements – and Kapiti’s rugged, dramatic and sweeping beaches are the perfect example. If you’re willing to get a wee bit adventurous and brace the cool breeze (or rather, gale force winds), you can end up with some absolutely gorgeous results. They don’t call Aotearoa the Land of the Long White Cloud for nothing – and how could you not fall in love with those wild, tumultuous skies? It absolutely makes for the perfect backdrop for your creative photos.

Why not take it a step further, let your wedding be inspired by these rich, romantic tones? What better way to create a cohesive, coordinated colour scheme than to be directly influenced by your natural backdrops and photo locations! We are in love with the rich, dark tones captured in these images, from the inky blues and deep blacks, to the slightly warm peaches and browns. Simple, beautiful and passionate – well, the photos speak for themselves!

Pops of colour lend themselves perfectly to this colour set, so consider starting with these more neutral tones in your décor, and offsetting them up with striking bright colours. These could be brought through in your bouquet, floral arrangements and table settings. Embrace the elements, and make them a part of your day – your wedding album will thank you for it.

So be inspired, or create your own colour palette based on your venue or photo spots!