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As with anything, wedding catering trends come and go - so we decided to talk to the team at Sunday Cantina about what’s up and coming, and what’s being left behind, in the world of wedding food. New Zealand has so much to offer in the way of fresh, locally sourced produce, and there's a real return to the organic, natural produce in wedding catering, and a push to cater for meat-eaters and vegans alike. 




Different, creative ideas around catering.Couples seem to be moving away from the traditional sit-down dinner and are getting creative and more personal with fun and different ideas for their special day and the food they are serving… Innovative, creative and fun entertainment has become the bar for catering. more interactive catering with buffet-style service, slider and BBQ stations, ice cream and mocktail/cocktail stations are seen in all aspects of catering, not only for weddings. Food is something people will talk about long after the event, it needs to be fresh, innovative, creative and of course delicious.”


Keeping it fresh and healthy.People want fresh, local produce, a healthy and tasty menu; more vegetarian and vegan foods are incorporated in the menu, not just as an alternative for vegetarians, but as a beautiful taste way of eating... Most of our dishes originate from wholefood, so there aren't any additives or gluten in them. Fresh, local food is all you need to create a tasty menu full of flavour, colour and texture.”


Getting involved. “Another trend we are seeing, is that people want to be more involved with food: from a 'make-your-own-sunday'-station instead of a traditional dessert, to a freshly-cooked-sliders-station to satisfy those savoury cravings, and to get people up and moving. We are even receiving fun-requests to bring 'Cantina Food Trailer' for a different element of the wedding catering.”

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Sit down dinners.  “A classic sit-down dinner to try and satisfy all your guests taste buds is becoming rare, the focus has moved towards a more creative and fun menu, that is reflecting the couple. Couples desire a more interactive way of food service, a way for their guests to interact and share. One great way to do this is through family-shared platters on the table.”


Big wedding cakes.A big wedding cake is something we see less of these days. With all the new and happening food trends a wedding cake is becoming obsolete in many couple's special day. A popular trend and delicious substitute is a layered 'cake' made out of different cheeses.” A cheese-cake? Yes please!


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  • “The food needs to be tasty and full of flavour. You eat with your eyes first, so it definitely needs to look good, but every bite that follows needs to be amazing.”
  • “Ask your caterer to help you with flavour combinations. The different menu options are great, but some combine better together than others. Your caterer will know exactly which dishes and flavours will complement each other.”
  • “Finally, a very solid tip, we think, is to choose dishes that are not seen everywhere else. Set yourself aside and choose a menu that will have your guests talking long after your special day.”


Catering from Sunday Cantina


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