Colour Palette Inspiration

We simply couldn’t resist this gorgeous image by the always-wonderful Patina Photography - and what better time than the middle of Autumn to fall in love with the intense, vivid orange tones of the season!

In the world of weddings, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in colour palettes. Looking back over the last few years, the go-to colour combinations have generally been focused around everything dreamy, soft and feminine - pastels and soft greys, blush and neutrals. Enter 2019/2020 wedding season - and these classic combinations are stepping aside for more dramatic colour combos.

Green is sticking around as ever - offering a practical way to tie in bouquets and floral arrangements with the overall colour scheme - but it’s being matched with some eye-catching choices. Wonderful, crisp orange and rusty red are just two examples - we’re often seeing these paired with neutrals, to really bring the brighter elements forward with a pop. If you’re unsure about incorporating bright colours into your palette, don’t overthink it - bringing in orange doesn’t mean you need to make everything orange. Instead, bringing in a single bloom (or perhaps two) into your bouquet or table settings will do the trick. Rich reds, burgundies, deep violet tones and even yellow are all making a comeback.

It’s not an easy task to pick your colour palette, with so many things to take into consideration - so we’ve compiled a wee checklist of things to keep in mind, to help you decide!

  • What will the dresses look like? Different colours suit different skin and hair tones - think about how the colour will sit on each of your bridesmaids, if you’re planning on bringing the colour in through their dresses.

  • What season is your wedding? This will also have an effect on your dress choices and whether you wear a jacket or similar - some other ways to bring in pops of colour! Bright colours like orange will pop gorgeously on a dark Winter’s day.

  • What’s your wedding location? If the backdrop will likely be blue skies and green grass, you’ll get a much different effect than if you’re using a more industrial, interior space of greys and neutrals.

  • What do you love? What colours are your clothes, home and accessories? You’ll likely already have a preference - take inspiration from what you already enjoy.

Deanna Walker